NEXT CONTAINER 13th July 2017, 11:09

We are expecting to take delivery of our next container on 9 September.

On 9 September the following items that are currently out of stock will also be back in stock; CER.BOW.R.M.H, CHB.RES.D, CHB.RES.E, CHB.RES.F, COF.STO.15, COF.STO.20, GAN.SMA, MIR.MOS.G.M, NAT.CHA.HA.B, NAT.CHA.HA.C, NAT.EAG, PAI.ZEB.1M, ROO.TUR.B, SHE.JEW.A, SKU.PIR.BEA, SKU.PIR.TIM, THB.SCR.LAR, WIN.BAM.BI.3.